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Expert Decorative Paint Finisher - Jim Connelly

Recognized as one of Canada's top decorative paint finishing experts, Jim Connelly's passion for art and decor began at an early age playing on the grounds and through the halls of Tullichewan Castle in West Dunbartonshire Scotland. His childhood excursions throughout the castle and walled gardens introduced him to the grandeur and elegance of beautiful wall finishes, stunning architecture and amazing art.

As a young man in Toronto, much to the dismay of his landlords, Jim would often paint his apartments in the style of the Scottish Castle creating murals and facades transporting him back to the grandeur.

After attending The Glasgow School of Art, Jim moved to Toronto at an early age. Although Jim is mostly a self-taught artist, skill and tricks of the trade have come from many years of working with highly skilled artists. One of his first jobs was working for Expo 87 and the Canadian Pavilion. There he worked with several skilled artisans and he attributes many of his skills to this experience.

Jim states that one of his most memorable pieces of art is the 007 Martini Table. His application of pewter leaf to the skirt and legs along with the amazingly detailed tiger print along the top turned a boring table into a masterpiece that Jim is proud of today.

This friendly and witty artist's skill does not stop at paint and wall finishing's. Jim is also a talented artist and painter. Painting everything from renaissance to abstract.

Fast forward to today and Jim Connelly is making headway with his amazing work and partnership with the Furniture Bank. Several pieces of furniture come into the furniture bank and often there are pieces that are more beautiful than functional. Jim selects pieces of furniture from the floor that would not normally be chosen due to their lack of functionality.

"The furniture speaks to me." Jim says. He becomes attached to each piece he chooses and will take these diamonds in the rough, building gems and treasures using his masterful skill and techniques in paint finishes and leafs. These gems are then for sale in local consignment stores like Putti Fine Furnishings on Yonge Street or can be purchased by designers. The sales of these items then go back to support the Furniture Bank and its initiatives to bringing furniture to those individuals and families that have transitioning from homelessness, newcomer families and refugees and women and children escaping abusive situations. Through the Furniture Bank, Jim also works with corporate groups such as AirBnB and not only does speaking engagements but hosts painting workshops.

The BedfordBrooks Team has had the amazing opportunity to partner with Jim on many projects including the 2017 National Dream Home, The Furniture Bank Golf Classic and the Furniture Bank Chair Affair among many others.

You can view more of Jim's amazing work and to learn more about this amazing partner, visit his website.


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